Hot Candle Massage

Aromatherapy massage with hot candles, relaxing warmth and exceptional consistency stimulates the senses and provides relaxation and well-being. It has a beautiful scent and regenerative properties.

The candles are made up of 100% natural ingredients: shea butter, soy oils and jojoba. They are enriched with beeswax, which lets you apply its healing properties with a rejuvenating vitamin E. The unique formula of essential oil candle leaves the skin wonderfully moisturised, silky smooth and soft. And also has a beneficial effect in the fight against cellulite.

For bringing out all the properties of the candle Tan lotion is used to dissolve (candle warms up to a temperature of 38 degrees and is pleasantly warm, do not burn) warm balm. The heated oils floating in the air are soothing the senses and relaxing the body. Relaxing massage and wonderful properties of natural ingredients (soy butter, shea butter, jojoba oil) are used at luxury hotels and for holistic spa treatment.