Classic Massage


Classic massage shall be carried out when a patient is lying on his stomach, with upper limbs stacked along the body, the head on the side with a small shaft. First the exposed part of the back is massaged, and then when you go to the other side of the patient, the massage of second half of the of the back should be performed. While massaging you can also go to the other side, using various techniques. Massaging takes place in oblong bands, from bottom to top (from the buttock to the shoulder) and in the transverse bands, from the spine to the line of axillary (in the from the buttock to the shoulder). Apply stroking, grinding, kneading, patting, and vibration. Particular attention should be paid on the impeller (the blade less muscle) and the shaft of the caudate lobe.

Classic Massage Effects:

– relaxing muscles and tendons
– more flexible joints
– improved metabolism
– improving the blood circulation
– boost energy
– slender silhouette

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