Hot Stones Massage


This is a revolutionary method of the countervailing power of the body with the energy of nature. In this massage we use hot basalt stones of volcanic origin, characterized by an excellent coefficient of heat storage, which allows you to perform massage with both hot and cooled stones. In contact with the body they capture its valuable energy restoring its normal flow in the main channel and the chakras of the body’s energy.

The treatment with the use of the stones is recommended for stressed people, overtired and with increased muscle tension. Recommended also for rheumatic problems, muscle and joint pains.

Massage affects:


– makes better skin respiration

– improves skin nutrition

– accelerates the circulation of blood and lymph in the blood vessels of the skin

– improves skin’s elasticity and suppleness, and hence the appearance of

– helps to fight cellulitis

Muscle Tissue

– increases the ability of the muscles to work

– improves tension and elasticity of muscles

– regenerates after prolonged strenuous exercise

Circulatory and Lymphatic System

– improves working circuits (gymnastics)

– makes it easy to drain venous blood

– reducing the resistance of the blood in the arteries of the heart

The Nervous System

– calming and relaxing effect

– relieves the symptoms of stress

This massage combines the effects of thermotherapy and aromatherapy. Hot stones massage uses mechanical stimuli in the form of pressure on the tissues to induce physiological reactions. In addition, massage with warm stones affects the expansion of the blood vessels and consequently, increases blood flow through the muscles, speeding up the delivery of nutrients and at the same time, results in more efficient excretion of metabolic products. Massage has a positive effect on the skin, makes it easier for to breathe, it nourishes it, speeds up blood and lymph circulation in the blood vessels of the skin, improves its elasticity and suppleness, removes cellulite, improves the ability of muscles to strenuous physical activity and also helps to drain venous blood.