Sports Massage


For many years, it has become an essential element in the process of training athletes to combat the effects of fatigue, caused by physical exertion. Sports massage helps to loosen tired muscles and prevents later damage.

It is required in situations where athletes must make an effort before they can relax. In multi-stage races, cycling and multi-day tournaments, volleyball, or basketball. In these cases, the massage allows them to more quickly recover strength.

Sports massage is different from a classic contribution to the strength and energy, and a predominance of grinding and kneading. You can apply it to specific parts of the body (partial massage) or globally (general massage). An effect of sports massage is extremely diverse, however, mainly attributed to regenerating properties. Therefore, it is called sports part of wellness.

Benefits of Sports Massage

– regenerative function

– the role of warming

– relaxing

– extends the functional capacity

– improves coordination

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